Thiopurines are negatively associated with anthropometric parameters in pediatric Crohn’s disease.

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Thiopurines are negatively associated with anthropometric parameters in pediatric Crohn’s disease.

World J Gastroenterol. 2018 May 14;24(18):2036-2046

Authors: Gupta N, Lustig RH, Chao C, Vittinghoff E, Andrews H, Leu CS

AIM: To determine the distribution of anthropometric parameter (AP)-z-scores and characterize associations between medications/serum biomarkers and AP-z-scores in pediatric Crohn’s disease (CD).
METHODS: CD patients [< chronological age (CA) 21 years] were enrolled in a cross-sectional study. Descriptive statistics were generated for participants’ demographic characteristics and key variables of interest. Paired t-tests were used to compare AP-z-scores calculated based on CA (CA z-scores) and bone age (BA) (BA z-scores) for interpretation of AP’s. Linear regression was utilized to examine associations between medications and serum biomarkers with AP-z-scores calculated based on CA (n = 82) and BA (n = 49). We reported regression coefficients as well as their corresponding p-values and 95% confidence intervals.
RESULTS: Mean CA at the time of the study visit was 15.3 ± 3.5 (SD; range = 4.8-20.7) years. Mean triceps skinfold (P = 0.039), subscapular skinfold (P = 0.002) and mid-arm circumference (MAC) (P = 0.001) BA z-scores were higher than corresponding CA z-scores. Medications were positively associated with subscapular skinfold [adalimumab (P = 0.018) and methotrexate (P = 0.027)] and BMI CA z-scores [adalimumab (P = 0.029)]. Azathioprine/6-mercaptopurine were negatively associated with MAC (P = 0.045), subscapular skinfold (P = 0.014), weight (P = 0.002) and BMI (P = 0.013) CA z-scores. ESR, CRP, and WBC count were negatively associated, while albumin and IGF-1 BA z-scores were positively associated, with specific AP z-scores (P < 0.05). Mean height CA z-scores were higher in females, not males, treated with infliximab (P = 0.038). Hemoglobin (P = 0.018) was positively associated, while platelets (P = 0.005), ESR (P = 0.003) and CRP (P = 0.039) were negatively associated with height CA z-scores in males, not females.
CONCLUSION: Our results suggest poor efficacy of thiopurines and a possible sex difference in statural growth response to infliximab in pediatric CD. Prospective longitudinal studies are required.

PMID: 29760546 [PubMed – in process]

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